About Us


Our late founder, Mr Pek Cheng Chuan, started Tai Hua Food Industries Pte Ltd more than 70 years ago. In 1984, when the company moved to its present location, it invested heavily to upgrade its production method moving from a traditional tray and jar method to one based on more technologically advanced methodology with proper monitoring and controls. The improved facilities enabled better and more consistent quality products to be produced.

In 1995, the management decided to penetrate the main stream Western market, in particular the European one. Tai Hua, with the assistance of a government grant developed a new range of ready to cook sauces and braising sauce targeted for the convenience cooking market. A new logo and label was also designed to help market the products into the main stream market. The new Tai Hua logo and products were launched at the 1997 ANUGA Food Fair. To maintain a presence in these new markets, it has been participating in various international food fairs annually. Examples of fairs are SIAL, ANUGA, Food & Hotel Asia and GULFOOD. These new products were launched in the local market at the end of 1998 and have been very well received.

Today, Tai Hua produces and packs a diverse range of products. These can be found in the local retail and wholesale markets. The products are used by households as well as by other food companies and catering operations. As a leading producer, in the last few years, Tai Hua has also been supplying its raw sauce to other food sauce producers as well as co-packing products for other leading food producers and suppliers.


Tai Hua has grown from a small cottage industry to become one of the main soy sauce producers in Singapore. It is also one of the market leaders in this area. The company has been able to grow and expand because of its good company management, continuous investments in new technology for the production of soy sauce, continuous sourcing of new overseas markets and development of new products.

Besides manufacturing and selling its own products, the company has a trading arm which imports products from overseas companies for distribution and sale in the local market. With the European and Middle East ban on sauce products containing high levels of 3 MCPD (a potential carcinogen) from some Asian countries, Tai Hua sees this as an opportunity to enter markets which were previously dominated by these inexpensive products. This is possible, as it products have been certified to have non-detectable levels of 3-MCPD and are moderately priced.

On the local front, the company is targeting to increase market share by introducing new products, ensuring product quality and safety, and upgrading production facility. It has always been our Chairman's vision that one day Tai Hua soy sauce would be found in every market where there is a Chinese or an Asian community. To achieve this it means producing quality soy sauce from quality raw materials using improved technology.

Our Managing Director

Mr. Pek Ee Perh Thomas

Tai Hua Food Industries Pte Ltd, Managing Director.
大華食品工业私人有限公司, 董事经理

Cheng Chuan Holdings Pte Ltd, Managing Director.
清泉投資控股私人有限公司, 董事经理

Food Corporation (S) Pte Ltd, Trustee / Director.
食品同业(新加坡)私人有限公司, 信托人 / 董事

Food Corporation (Shanghai) Co Ltd, Legal Person / Chairman.
益食(上海) 国际贸易公司, 法人 / 董事长

Singapore Food Manufacturer's Association, President.
新加坡食品广商联合会, 会长